What is it about candles that makes me want to collect ALL of them?! I am going to have to go on one of those shows for hoarders but all I will have to show for it will be mounds of scented jars.

Ok maybe I'm not quite there yet, but I did recently add some new candles to my collection. Northern Lights Candles sent me a few of their favorite candles to try out and I can't stop burning them. I especially love their craft cocktail-inspired Spirit Jars. After all, how could I resist a boozy candle?

Their Blackberry Brandy candle comes in a lovely cobalt blue jar and is the perfect pairing with a summer berry tart and fresh hydrangeas. The candle smells like perfectly ripe blackberries with a hint of smokiness from the brandy. I also love that it comes with a cute cork topper and fits in perfectly with my decor.

Fruit pies and warm summer nights? It's really starting to feel like summer.

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Well first off, sorry for the long silence. Things have been picking up on all accounts recently. At work we are in full swing on a campaign that launches in September, I'm getting ready to go to Europe with my sister and a new little kitty joined my life a few weeks ago. With all of these changes, keeping the blog up to speed has been a little challenging but don't worry. The next month will be quite crazy but will provide LOTS of opportunities for blog posts.

First up on the blog posts is a recipie I've been meaning to do for awhile. It is for a fruit shrub. When I first heard of shrubs I assumed it was some sort of herbal concoction but it actually is a infused fruit drink. I did a little research and these drinks grew in popularity when America was still a colony and farmers needed a refreshing drink. The drink started to pick up steam from college students and sailors and people started mixing in alcohol.

The best part is the you can make shrubs out of any seasonal fruit that you find at the farmers market. I followed Bon Appetit's recipie for shrubs but didn't strain out the fruit because I liked it being a little more pureed. I choose farmer's market strawberries and basil as a perfect intro-to-summer combo. It was super refreshing and would be a lovely drink for a hot summer's day. Serve over ice with sparking water or add in a shot of vodka for a little bit more fun. The possibilities are endless!!



I can't wait to share these pictures with you! Last Friday, my sister and I were invited to attend a cooking class with City Kitchen San Francisco. I had been introduced to Caroline through a friend who had organized a work team activity with the City Kitchen. We had such a great time that I couldn't wait to go back again.

Caroline invited us to attend her "Best of San Francisco" class which included classics like cioppino and crab salad with green goddess dressing. Her cooking classes are fun, fairly easy to execute and collaborative. It feels like the perfect way to spend a Friday night, sipping wine and stirring a big pot of mussels. The class was held at the Cookhouse SF, which is one of my favorite spaces. It is filled with light and is pretty much the kitchen of my dreams.

I like the class because Caroline and her chefs first review how to make everything, then you pick the station you are most interested in and get to work. It sort of feels like you are on a cooking show with everything pre-measured and pots conveniently cleaned. It's really the way I wish cooking at home was like. These classes pull out all of the fun parts of cooking--discovering a new recipie, socializing in the kitchen and eating your hard-earned meal (ok, maybe not so hard-earned since everything was pre-measured)

Even though I was afraid that the class would be mostly couples, there were a few ladies who were either their on their own or with friends. There were many couples there but everyone gets to meet each other and I found that conversation with these relative strangers flowed pretty easily. Everyone sits at a communal table and enjoys the meal after the prep is done. The chefs serve each course after everyone has sat down.

We had an amazing time attending the class. I would highly recommend it if you live in SF and are looking for something fun to do with your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. Caroline also does private classes and events (like we did for my work team activity)

Now enjoy these pretty pictures from the evening (who knew meat could be so photogenic?)



You know that I love to get up to wine country as often as possible, especially in the foggy summer months. Well, this weekend was a bit of a change of pace because the weather in Sonoma was a bit foggy and rainy. However, it doesn't need to be beautiful outside to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

I had the opportunity to join the Landmark Vineyard's club members celebration. The beautiful winery is situated in lesser-known Kenwood which is just north of Sonoma. I prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of Sonoma over the busy, crowded Napa side.

It was my first time visiting Landmark and the property was absolutely gorgeous. I loved trying their wines (they are known for chardonnay but the pinot was my favorite) while enjoying dramatic views of the fog-covered mountains. We even got to go on a short carriage ride around the property to find out more about the history and the varietals of grapes they grow.

After enjoying our time at the winery, we stopped at El Dorado Kitchen for what I guess you could call "linner" at 4pm. We tried their jicama shrimp tacos, truffle fries, mussels and of course, finished off with a cheese plate. Because what would Somoma be without wine and cheese?



One of the great joys of being an adult, in my humble opinion, is being able to eat popcorn for dinner. I mean you can eat whatever you want but popcorn is a pretty amazing thing to eat for dinner. I have on more than one occasion sat down to a meal of popcorn and maybe a glass of wine a-la Olivia Pope.

I was so excited when my microwave popcorn maker came from Uncommon Goods. I have loved browsing the Uncommon Goods site for quite awhile now. They always have the most interesting discoveries from local, sustainable brands. I could get lost in the site for hours. But I digress...let's talk about popcorn. I was so excited to get my hands on this puppy because I couldn't stop thinking of all of the amazing popcorn recipes I had in my head. It was almost hard to narrow it down to just four to share with you today.

So here we go:

Sriracha - Drizzle Sriracha on top for a spicy, salty flavor. If you are a Sriracha lover then you are going to just gobble this popcorn right up.

Chili Honey - My favorite of the bunch, drizzle honey and sprinkle with red pepper flakes and salt for a spicy/sweet pairing.

Balsamic Glaze - Combine a balsamic glaze with a little bit of olive oil and salt for a popcorn that has a little bit of bitterness with the perfect hint of sweetness.

Cinnamon Sugar - For the ultimate sweet combo melt coconut oil, pour over with fine granulated sugar and cinnamon for a sweet treat.

Those are my favorite recipes but I'm sure I'll be developing many more over the next few weeks as I experiment. I also have a few more posts to share with you with the other amazing things I got from Uncommon Goods so stay tuned. Also, make sure to check out their Mother's Day gifts for the perfect present for mom (and that could include a popcorn maker ;-)

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