Colorful Classic

Color really does something to classic shapes. Just like you can wear a plain, classic shift dress in a myriad of colors, you can jazz up traditional shapes with less traditional colors. 

This house, featured in the latest issue of Rue, (amazing, btw) hits the playful, colorful note perfectly.


At long last...my place

I am so excited to share these with you. I am kind of in love with my new place. Can't wait for you to come over...

The bed looks so nice in that corner! Still need to find a tiny side table.

Love how the TV fit on my console. And my collection of white pottery looks fab.

I even had enough room in the closet for artwork!

I got these silhouettes at a flea market and kind of in love.  I also am in need of a tiny shade for my flea market lamp. Wanted to keep my desk simple and clean.

Love how the DIY under sink curtain turned out (I ended up using safety pins) The kitchen cart also is nice to add to the counter space.

Close up of trunk. Had to get flowers to spruce up the place and make it feel like home. Also, note that I moved the striped rug to the living room. Love how it ties all of the colors together.

Kitchen nook. Add a little color with the rainbow bowls and cookbooks.

Close-up of my kitchen cart. Love love!

Hope you guys like it. More detailed pics eventually but wanted to get these up and reward you for your patience. I'm so happy in my new home.

The prettiest color for spring...mint

I've seen this color popping up quite a bit. Its so pretty and vintagey looking. I'm not sure I could wear it (being olive-toned and all) but I would be happy to eat it or incorporate it into my decor and accessories. Enjoy!

Camille Styles, Rue, Oh Joy!


Your New Fav Flower

I must tell you that peonies are my favorite but I have a new stand-in...the ranunculus (ps, I have no idea how to pronounce it!). They have a similar look but are more affordable and come in a beautiful variety of colors. They look adorable bunched tightly together. Here are some pretty pictures to inspire you to make your own arrangement. Enjoy!

 via, viaviavia, via, via, via


Recover Me

Well folks this weekend was extremely successful. I am all moved into my new place (and can't wait to show you photos, more on that later this week) I am so tired and all I can think of is doing nothing but relaxing. 

These pictures capture what I need...

via, via, via, via


Saving the Best for Last

It is very appropriate that we have come to the main room today. It is the final blog post about decor this week. I am also getting my couch delivered today! So excited to see everything come together. Since this is the most important room, I have created a mini floor plan so you can see how it will come together...

 Here's what it is going to look like...

 Couch, Rug, Console Table, Frames, Lamp

I am beyond excited to move. Can't wait to show you the finished product!

Closets Are a Girl's Best Friend

I love love love my new walk-in closet. It is probably the largest closet that I have ever owned. I am so exited to get my things in now. In my current apartment, I have really organized it to make full use of all the space. I hope to simply "transport" my closet to my new apartment.

Here a few of my closet tips...

Dresser, Shoe Rack, Canvas Baskets, Shelves, Lights


Welcome Home

Maybe I'm doing this all backwards but today we are thinking about the entry way. 

I got this steal of a rug at Target this weekend. Cute right?

I am putting this in my immediate entry way when you walk in (but until after the movers have trompped through!) Then I have an existing bench which I would like to add a few throw pillows to and a mirror to make a little place to stop on the way out. 

Trunk, pillows, mirror

Then I have my cute telephone which I have mentioned before and am thinking about doing a framed photo and a little tray for keys.

On to the next room tomorrow...(hint: Its a girl's best friend/most prized possession) 


I'm getting butterflies...

On to the next room of the house...the bathroom. 

I am seriously contemplating getting this pretty butterfly curtain and making it a little less feminine with a graphical bath mat. What do you think? 

West Elm

I also want to put my perfumes on the vanity to make a pretty display. 

Shower caddy and mat, Towels, Hooks, Tumbler


Countdown begins...

Alright folks...time to begin the move-in countdown! 

This week its ALL about the new apartment. For those of you moving, thinking of moving or who just want to switch things up a bit...this is for you!!

After several hours spent scouring the internet, I have found the perfect move in items. I can't wait to show you the final place. 

Until I get there...each day I'll preview a room and what I am thinking for each. Please weigh in and help me out. Can't wait.

Today we are starting in the most important room of the apartment, the kitchen. 


Beautiful Pictures

While reading my fav blog Oh Joy! there were these beautiful pictures of the ocean from 18 yr old photographer Valerie Chiang. I love the water and these images are beautiful. How pretty would these be on a large canvas?! Enjoy.

Luck of the Irish

Being 1/4 Irish, I love this day. It makes me want to go to this beautiful castle in the countryside and drink a warm Irish coffee with my cozy sweater on. 

 castle, coffee, sweater


Your New Go-To Dress

I've been on the hunt for the perfect shower/brunch/vacation dress and I think I may have found it. It is very flattering and comes in a fun orangey-red. I love the zipper details on the pockets. You can switch out the accessories and belts. I think I'm sold!



When the sun starts to shine between the clouds, I start thinking of my favorite Bay Area destination--Napa. Sure it's cliche but I am so grateful to have such a treasure in my backyard. Napa is very fabulous and very big so that is why I have narrowed down it for you. Of course, going up to the Napa Valley is all about two things--eating and drinking. To go up to Napa to do anything else would just be silly! Enjoy the list and let me know if you have any other places that I left off!

Bouchon Bakery

Stop by for their fabulous french macaroons. The line is always out the door but it moves quickly. http://www.bouchonbakery.com/

Frog's Leap Winery

You can either get reservations here or not, it is one of my favorite places in Napa. You can sit out on their wrap around porch and enjoy a flight of wine paired with cheeses and dried fruit from their garden.


This place is so much fun. More on the commercial side but you can get a delicious flight of champagne and sit out on the patio. You also get to keep the glass that you taste with. Don't need reservations here.


This winery is further up near Calistoga/St. Helena area. It was just redone and their wines are very famous. It is a little older of a crowd but the setting of the house in the vineyards is beautiful.


If you want something kind of trendy and less like a winery, this art gallery/tasting location is a great place. It is in downtown Yountville in a adorable stone building and if it is nice outside, you can sit in the garden. The antiques they sell are super expensive but the wine tastings aren't. You would need reservations here.

Alpha Omega

This place has a valet out front but it is actually pretty relaxed. It looks like they just re-did the whole building and it is new to the valley. The wines are decent and the fountain and setting is really pretty.

Bistro Jeanty (Yountville)

The best tomato soup covered with a pastry shell I've ever had. I also had moules frites here and it was so authentic tasting. Really fun and cute.

Uva Trattoria (Napa)

I love this place. It is family style Italian, not pretentious just really good food.

Oxbow Farmers Market (Napa)

This is a great place to stop and get ingredients for a picnic. It is basically a mini version of the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Sweetie Pies (Napa)

This place has the best lemon meringue pie I have ever had. They even have it mini size.