Mmmm Meat

I promise this is the last of the Seattle photos (there were so many that I had to share!) These two meat/fish signs are so pretty. I love the warm glow of the signs coupled with the icy cold of the lights in the background. Enjoy...

Rusty Beauty

As I mentioned, I was in Seattle. We went to the SAM (Seattle Art Museum) outdoor sculpture garden on a rare sunny day. I captured this trio of photos and I am in love with them (especially the one of my parents). I'm thinking of printing the close-up as a large print. It has an almost paint-like quality to it. The most amazing thing is that all of these were taken with an iPhone and the Hipstamatic app. 



Flea Market Validation

While perusing a shop this weekend, I came across this lamp that bears a near identical resemblance to the lamp that I created a few weeks back. 

Now look closer...the lamp is $195...that's right one-hundred and ninety five dineros. If you will recall, I bought the lamp at the flea market for $8 and attached a $7 lightbulb on top. Further proof that flea markets are magical. Stay tuned because this Sunday is the 1st of May, and you know what that means ;-) 



Postcards from Seattle

I was home in Seattle this past weekend and I had a magical time. We went to the famous Pike Place Market and acted like tourists. The tulips were in full bloom. I captured some beautiful pictures (more to come later this week)...


Rest for the Weary

There is something so tempting about a big, fluffy white hotel-style bed. Don't you just want to run and jump face-first into these beds?!

Country Living, Blog, Blog, Elle DecorApartment Therapy


Romantic Gray

These photos just sort of came together. They are romantic, monochromatic and sweet. Enjoy!

 Erin Hearts Court, For the World to See

Killer Sandwich Combos

So those that know me that I am a sucker for salty/sweet food. In fact, nearly everything that I eat must be a combination of both. Recently I have discovered sandwiches at my two favorite local places, Boxed Foods and Crepe au Chocolate. These sandwich combinations have the perfect mix. The are innovative and creatively un-sandwichlike. 

Take a skinny baguette, 

Add the following...


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Coming Up Cherries

While out and about this weekend, I saw the cherry blossoms blooming. They are so beautiful. 

I love when they are brought indoors for a stunning arrangement. Any branches with spring flowers are a dramatic addition to your decor. The best part? You don't even need that many to make a statement. 

via Southern Living, Urban Ag, Martha Stewart, Habitually Chic Blog, Design Pop Interiors Blog, Sixty Fifth Ave Blog


Inspired Baker

With the warmer weather right around the corner, I have been craving some delicious berry pie. By coincidence, a new foodie blogger/photographer I have been following (Matt Bites) just posted about his trials and tribulations about pie making. Maybe I'll eventually make my own pie! 

Find out how to make the perfect pie here.


Who needs a suitcase?

Shopping this weekend at Nest, I came across these adorable globes. Perfect for the traveler or someone who studied abroad. Keep one of these on your desk to remind you of your favorite vacation spot. 


New York 


San Francisco (my favorite, naturally)

Click here to find your favorite city!


Cool Girl Wardrobe

Around the streets of SF, it takes only a few ingredients to look pulled together, chic and totally San Franciscan. Here you are ladies(in 5 steps nonetheless!)