Ta-Da The Final Room

I am so excited to share this room with everyone. It is the first of many (I hope) of my interior personal shopping projects. I helped a friend who recently moved into a beautiful classic San Francisco Victorian.

As I posted about earlier this month, we were going for a vintage-beach theme (with a hint of Seattle, where my friend is from) 

I got to see the final room this weekend and boy does it look fantastic. I think that is it is relaxing, unique and definitely livable. Check out the pictures and details below. Enjoy!! 



Surprise Trip

No, I'm not headed out of town. This Memorial Day, I'll be enjoying a little downtime in SF as well as my favorite activities...

- spending time with friends
- flea marketing
- eating delicious meals
- finally watching "Bridesmaids"

On the topic of flea marketing. You will notice that this weekend is NOT the first weekend of the month so why, ask you, would I be going to a flea market? They are trying a new flea market on the aptly named Treasure Island. I'm off to check in out Saturday. If you are interested in going (and have a +1) check out this deal on Groupon. 

The great island (lovely city views)...

As always I'll report back with a few treasures hopefully (ok that was cheesy) but we'll hope for some good things.

In particular, I am looking for...

Old fashioned champagne glasses for drinks with my ladies...

A boudoir bench for the closet...

And everyone already knows, this girl can never get enough of silver trays (a habit inherited from my mother), jewelry and random objects

If you are in the Bay check out the website for more details. 

Happy long weekend. I've got some fabulous posts for us next week so stay tuned!

Laid Back Jewelry

I am always envious of those stylish ladies that pile their jewelry on as if it were part of them. These bracelets from Vanessa Mooney perfectly capture that laid-back, easy vibe while adding a little sparkle. (I'm partial to the copper versions)


Set Sail

I just finished watching the season finale of glee. This week the kids were in NY at the show choir national championships. One particular character, Rachel (type A, goody-two shoes) wants to sing on Broadway and she dreams of moving to New York one day. (a little cheesy but you gotta love glee!)

We all have that dream, even if its a small idea, in your head of something that you want to do someday--it might not be as big as Broadway. I say, start it now. It doesn't have to be big--just a little something here and there to take you to that place you want to be. I will share my favorite quote with you that has a lot to do with all of this...

"A ship is safe in a harbor, but that is not what ships are meant for."

That quote always resonates with me because sometimes it is easier to play it safe but sometimes you've got to stretch outside what you usually do to acheive the dreams you have set out for yourself. 

This post is a bit deeper than I usually go but I wanted to share something motivational with everyone and something to think about.

Have a fabulous Wednesday and do something today that pushes you a little-tinsy-weensy past your normal comfort zone.


*enjoy these gorgeous pictures from, From Me to You

Back to School

I bet you are thinking, "Back to school. What is she talking about? School hasn't even finished for the summer!" Anytime can be back to school with these adorable classic satchels from the Leather Satchel Co. out of the UK. 

I first saw the style on Cupcakes and Cashmere (a fab blog btws) in this lovely pic:

After further investigation i am thisclose to ordering the green one (or the purple is fantastic too) The cherry on top? They do engraving. So up my alley!


Having a Gardenia Moment

Once I reserved the smell of gardenias for my grandmother, but lately I have been reconsidering. I recently purchase a mini-bottle of  Tocca's "Florence" that has notes of gardenia and tuberose. I also bought a small plant at Whole Foods this weekend. 

I have to admit, I'm kind of sold on it for now. Lookie here at these amazing gardenia products...

Tocca "Florence", Kiehl's Gardenia Lotion, Illume's Gardenia Candle

The scent is not the only thing beautiful about gardenias, check out these beautiful wedding ideas...

Picassa, Allen's Flowers, Wedding Flowers


Perfect Balance

Sorry folks that it has been awhile since my post last week. I had a fabulous, relaxing time in Palm Springs and came back rejuvenated to my busy life.

I'd like to think that this house, posted on Chapman Interiors, comes pretty close to describing my style. It is comfortable with antique and distressed touches. 

I love the distressed leather couch in contrast with the dramatic gilt chairs. Also, love the organic chandelier. 

Another view of the room. Look how those bright green pillows pop! 

How amazing would it be to have a giant statue like that in your house? Another thing to note, the white walls. Proof that you can have a beautiful home without relying on paint!

They saved their color for the kitchen. It is fun, retro and soothing all at the same time. 

What a cozy looking room. Note the simple flea-market frames set above the bed and the fabulous pops of cobalt. 

This is probably my favorite image. It is so modern and sleek while incorporating vintage touches like the mannequin, which make it warm and inviting.  


A Palm Springs Kind of Weekend

I'm off to Palm Springs this weekend for a bachelorette party. A little bit of sun is exactly what I need. My toenails are painted bright orange and my suitcase is packed with my summer favorites. 

If I'm half as happy as this lady, I'll be all set...

I love the Palm Springs retro vibe. Here's what I'm hoping this weekend will look like...

Sunglasses, dress and swimsuit from Anthropologie, shoes are Cole Haan, outdoor image is from Norma's at the Parker and the mojito image is from google.


Beachy Pretty

So I've been working on a little project recently. My friend recently moved into a new apartment and needed a little decorating help. 

I went to the flea market last week with her to pick up some unique items. From looking around, we decided on a beachy theme with yellows, turquoise and greens. We picked up some coral and a few vintage mason jars as well as a bedside table. 

I created this mood board to give us a little inspiration:

The key with these rooms is that they are beachy without going overboard (pun intended) The large furniture is white but there are colorful elements throughout the room that give it warmth. Here's her mood board:

I'm particularly jazzed about those prints which I found on etsy. It is a good way to find affordable artwork that is unique and not too cheesy. Also, we are going to put new knobs on her IKEA dresser to personalize it a bit. I am excited to show you the final product. 

I hope that this will be the start of many home decor projects! My focus is working with people to use the budget that they have to create something that is unique to them and that they love coming home to.


One for me...one for you!

Hey all! I wanted to thank you for following my blog, supporting me and giving me such great feedback. It means so much to me. Make sure to keep checking back every day for exciting new things! I wish I could give you this in person...

...but, alas, I can't so I will just have to thank you over the computer. But I wanted you to know that I sincerely thank you for your continued support. 
To keep this site growing and growing please share with your friends. Think about one lucky person who could use a little yummy food, beautiful decor and inspiration in their lives.

...and remember to always live.happy.inspired 

Call Me Cupcake, Camille Styles

Splish Splash

Some beautiful bathroom pictures because you've got to have a dream right? 

 House Beautiful


Flea Market Finds

Hey all. Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I sure did. There was plenty of time outside spent with friends. 

I am working on a decorating friend's apartment. We decided to head to the flea market to pick up a few things to give it a little personality. I'll share a bit more on that later.

Of course, when I was at the flea market I had to pick up a few items for me.

First up was a beautiful antique looking mirror. I didn't know where I wanted to put it but it matches perfectly with my Valerie Chiang print in the other frame. (sorry for the bad iPhone pics)

I also picked up this beautiful tray. I rarely have purchase regrets at the flea market because I know when I really like something. Last time, however, I saw this and maybe was too tired and didn't buy it. I thought about it all month because it has the Medici crest on it, my favorite Florentine family, so I had to have it. By some miracle it was still there and I scooped it up as fast as I could! 

I made another purchase which I cannot post because it will be given to someone at a wedding in June. I think that the lucky couple will certainly love them.

Stay tuned this week for some lovely posts about dream bathrooms, a grown-up cinco de mayo party and more fun! Happy Monday!