Kitchen Project: Results

Last week I shared with you my plans for re-vamping my dining area. Well this weekend I really went to town. I am so excited to share my finished room. I am still not 100% convinced that I like the rug but it is a good stand in. I really like my fig tree (his name is Herman) and I am hoping that he stays alive. 

Here is the before pic (kinda sad):
Pics taken with iPhone-not ideal. 

Here are the after pics...so cute and inviting if I do say so


Under the Sea

While I used to cringe at the thought of wearing stingray skin. I am sort of intrigued. I was at FAVOR (a great SF jewelry shop) this weekend and they have a collection of stingray skin bracelets. The artist is coming in on July 8th to do a trunk show. I think I might go for it. In the meantime, I can lust over these incredible bracelets from Kara Ross.


Farmer Market Treat

Sunday I stopped by my local farmers market to pick up some ripe summer fruit. I also got these beautiful flowers. I wanted to share these pretty pictures I took of them. They are so fun and organic-looking. 



The Perfect Weekend Cocktail

Although I am fighting off a cold, I can't resist posting this delicious cocktail recipie. It has all of my favorite things in it. I could imagine sipping one of these poolside.

Fill a tumbler with ice. Fill three-quarters of the glass with dry champagne or prosecco. Add thinly sliced cucumber and fresh mint. Top off with St-Germain.

Here's the perfect outfit to wear with it. Chic and modern.

recipe from here



Have you seen this show?

So the summer is notoriously known for its void of decent programming. Well this year that just isn't true. You've got the Voice (amazing), Friday Night Lights (which I have praised on here before) and then there is "Million Dollar Decorators" on Bravo. MDD is a fabulous show about the ridiculously rich and their amazing houses. 

I can't really decide which designer I like best. They all have fantastic personalities. 

I really like Mary's room this week. Her style is really similar to mine. Classic and glamorous. 

The show airs Tuesdays at 10 on Bravo. Enjoy!

(ps wish I had a million dollar budget!)


A Kitchen Project

Ever since moving in, I have neglected my dining area. It's time to change that. I have some little things that are really going to warm things up.

#1 A Patterned Rug

Cotton Rugs from Urban Outfitters 

#2 A little bit of green (love these fiddle leaf fig trees) 

Redmond Aldrich, Style Chronicle Blog, Huddy P Blog, My Many Moments Blog     

#3 Baskets

Baskets from Cost Plus

#4 Stacked Collection of Home Goods

Kitchen Designer, Shelterness, Gemma Moore Kitchen Design


Welcome back...

Last week was an unintentional break from the blog. Sorry about that!! I had too much fun at the wedding and was too zapped to work on the blog. 

Since then, I have been recuperating by really enjoying the nice weather in SF. Here is how I see SF summer...

 dress, sunglasses, tote, drinks


Rope You In

A lot of fashion posts on the blog this week. I just had to post this jewelry by Brook&Lyn. It is too good to not post. This idea is so unique and special. (and I am ALWAYS a sucker for natural stone accents)

One of these necklaces or bracelets could literally transform an outfit. Here are my favorites...


Wine Country Wedding

Well folks, it most definitely is wedding season. I only have one this summer but there will be quite a few rolling in the coming years. 

I am so excited that I found this dress at Anthro because it is SO me. It is vintagey but modern at the same time. I love the color because its bright but not too bright to wear to a wedding. I am going to temper the sweetness by wearing bold heels and a shiny cuff (the Tory Burch clutch is on my wish list!).

I can't wait to attend the wedding and see my former roommate get hitched. A mini-vacay in Napa can't hurt either! 

Dress Anthropologie, shoes Franco Sarto, earings Kate Spade, nail polish Essie, purse Tory Burch, bracelet Anthropologie

Hey Y'all

Summer is the perfect season to break out the country gear. One of my favorite shows on TV right now (and perhaps, ever) is Friday Night Lights. I love the costumes on the show--they make me want to dust off the old cowboy boots and untangle my turquoise from 5 years ago. 

To unleash your inner country, I recommend taking the following 3 steps...

Step #1 

Watch this amazing video (amazingly cheesy that is)

Step #2

Take a look at these styles from Friday Night Lights

images from NBC.com/fridaynightlights

Step #3

Check out this adorable ensemble 

all from Anthropologie with the exception of the boots from Boot Barn



Im calling it...Preppy Vintage Floral

As you can probably tell, I had some time this weekend to really sit down and get my thoughts out. It was wonderful! One of the things I created, which I have been thinking about for awhile was this idea of balancing sugary, sweet florals with a more masculine side. 

This combination lead me to this mood board. Complete with push pinks and strong navies. Notice the hints of industrial and masculine (leather, oxford stripes and brass). I think
I'm sold!


Adorable Pics

Perhaps it was the marathon of romantic comedies over the long weekend or the weddings/engagement parties that have popped up, but I think these images are so pretty. I don't even know these people but feel like I do through the photos (which are by amazing husband wife duo from Erin Hearts Court)


A new Pinterest

Being such a visual person, I love the site Pintrest. It makes creating a mood board 100x easier. I've created one for the blog here.

It's looking pretty good! I see a theme of turquoise and white! Add me as a friend and check back for updates!