Forgive Me

I've been absent and I am really sorry about that! I have had a crazy couple of weeks and was unable to work on the blog. Thanks for sticking with me! I promise this week's posts will more than make up for it. 

First, a glimpse of what happend over the last few weeks...

I left one job... 


...and started a new one.


My newly engaged bff visited me.

 (note: not a picture of her, via)

AND it was my birthday.

 Phew...a lot of things BUT all very good things. Thank you again for reading! Can't wait to share with you the posts for this week!


Take One Down

There is something interesting about vintage glass bottles (a little bit historic and a little bit modern). I was reminded of this when I saw this stunning photo by photographer Johnny Miller.

Luckily, it is easy to get an instant collection on Etsy. Here are my favorites...


Summer Swing

While a heat wave sweeps the country, we are stuck here in SF in a cloud of fog (literally). While magical, it is frrreeezzing. 

I have to be content with nostalgically looking at pictures of ice cream, sunflowers and sangria enjoyed in the hot summer. 

 San Francisco Picture, All other Images - From Me to You


Weekend Time!

This week has been very crazy and all I want to do is find some sun (it has been freezing stuck in the Bay Area fog!) and drink a delicious glass of wine (and maybe wander in a field of flowers like this lovely lady). Happy Weekend!!

 Erin Hearts Court


It's a Toss Up

Ah the throw pillow. To me the throw pillow can be a room maker, or in some cases a room breaker. That means that they are hard to come by. Here are some tips and a few of my current favorites:

Matchy-matchy is not always better. Keep within the same color scheme and you can vary the patterns or keep with similar patterns and vary the colors. Either one or the other. 

Less is really more. Nothing is worse than trying to sit on someone's couch and being pushed off by too many pillows. Keep it between 3-5 and always make sure you have an odd number. 

Have fun. Of all places to go crazy with pattern and texture, this is it. Then in a few years when you are not into zebra any more, you can change it out for minimal cost. Have fun in this part of your decorating. 

Now...here are some of my recent favorites:

This global and netural pillow will play nice with others while still being interesting. (CB2)

Multi-colored pom-poms is a must have. I mean hello, instant fun. (CB2)

I've sung the praises of this pillow before but it is really a statement-making beauty. (Urban Outfitters)

I couldn't pick just one from Room Service because they have the most fabulous pillows. They are truly art for your sofa. I am lusting after the royal ones. 

 Etsy is also a great place to pick up affordable pillows. I like these in particular...


Like Bees to Honey

As I mentioned earlier on this week, I purchased a fabulous necklace from Stone & Honey. There is a lot more amazing finds from this talented store. 

Here are my favorites...

This necklace is an art statement but still manages to be wearable.

This bracelet intrigues me, like it is playing follow the leader.

This isn't your average crystal. The stones are handled so delicately. 

 This is the sister of the necklace I got, equally as fun.

And my necklace...

Overall, a really lovely collection of jewelry. Hopefully you like it too! 



Madewell SF

One of my favorite stores, Madewell, is coming to SF! It is J.Crew's younger, hipper sister store. Madewell is quintessentially SF so I don't know why it has taken them so long! 

Check out Madewell in the San Francisco shopping center opening today! For more details click here.


Jewelry Bender

If you only know one thing about me know this, I love jewelry. When I want to reward myself or make myself happy I buy jewelry. Period. As simple as that. 

Well this weekend was quite a weekend for jewelry buying. Here it goes...

First on Friday, I went to Favor (as I had planned) to purchase the most amazing stingray bracelet. It's part ladylike, part rockstar. My friend (Brittni, whose beautiful wrist is featured here) also bought a shiny gold one. Here they are in all of their glory...

Next on the jewelry extravaganza, I went to the Renegade Craft Fair (as mentioned in my weekend post) Not only did I purchase some pieces but was overall inspired by the vendors that were there. I grabbed some cards so look forward to seeing posts about the artists in the coming weeks. 

From Alana Douvros I picked up this fun necklace. It is colorful yet classic, sure to be worn many times in the next few months...

Last but definitely not least, I picked up this sweet, wear-everyday necklace from this awesome shop called Stone & Honey (post later on in the week about this talent shop).

all pictures taken by me!


Weekend Inspiration

Got a pretty big post for everyone today. I have lots of great plans for the weekend. What better time than summer to really enjoy your weekend!

 champagne image, bracelets, black dress

coffee, clothes, renegade craft fair 

umbrella, cheese, braid, strawberries, earrings 


Easy Party Treat

As everyone knows, the fourth was this past weekend. Well there are plenty more BBQs to be had this summer. Here is one easy thing to bring that everyone will gobble up.

 easy peasy!


Coffee Table Challenge

This weekend my friend and I really scored a great deal at the flea market, a mirrored coffee table for $35. It was missing a few mirrors but turned the right way it is as good as new. The question is, how do you make this statement piece not be the only thing that you see in the room? 

So it looks like this...

And here is what I would recommend adding to tone down the drama factor (and modernize it)...

tray, candle


Vacation Destinations

After being at home this past Fourth of July, I have the urge to skip town on a mini vacation soon. Here are my dream options...

dress, bag, table - Ma(i)sonry, Mussels - Bistro Jeanty 

dress, Seattle Yacht Club, Tacos - Agua Verde