Inspired Mantra

I saw this the other day on my friend's blog (a great, motivating blog) and it really inspired me. Sometimes these things can be cheesy but I think this one is pretty darn good. Happy Tuesday! 


Back to School

Although in most places September signals the arrival of falling leaves and a slight chill in the air, in San Francisco it is when our real summer arrives after months of chilly fog. 

Regardless, I am excited to buy my new fall clothes and pretend like that's the weather Im preparing for. Here are the items on my back to school list this fall...

Toms, Sweaters, Necklace, ScarfShoesBraceletShirt, Jeans 


Lovely Room

Everyone knows how much I luv peacock feathers. How STUNNING is this room. Practical, no, but beautiful yes. 


Emerald City

Last week I was talking about Tomato, this week, I've got a new color for you...emerald green. It is so pretty for home and for you. 

House, Rug (via Chapman interiors), Lamp, Boxes, Coasters

Sweater, shoes, purse, nail polish, scarf


Seattle Summer

There is nothing better than a Seattle summer. Nothing. I am headed up North this weekend to get a real summer squeezed into a weekend. Promise I will take lots of pictures and share with you next week!

Have a great weekend. 

from here



Hideaway Inspiration

Ummm....can I live here?


She's A Lady

When I set out to make this mood-board, I had it in my mind that I would feature bright rose patterns, lots of bows and, of course, pearls (those still made it in). But what emerged was a modern take on vintage trends. With clean, classic silhouettes and plenty of bold colors this ensemble feels very 2011. 

Dress, Purse, Shoe, Jewelry


Classic Red

In honor of Mad Men (which doesn't start again until 2012) my fingernails are classic red this week...

Here is my inspiration...

My color...OPI Vodka & Caviar (my go-to red)


The Most Delicious Thing You Will EVER eat...

I am addicted to this treat. It is a moonpie--with two decadent chocolate cookies and a healthy dollop of butter-cream frosting. It's from Susie Cakes (where I got my fab birthday cake).

Try it at your own risk.


Magical Orange Box

My birthday was a little more than a week ago but I am still ridding the way of happiness that comes with the big celebration. 

I've been wanting to share one of my presents with you. I feel so lucky that I received this present. It is wonderfully classic Hermes bracelet. I took a few pics because you can't not with that gorgeous orange box. 




Sunday Night Meal

The best kind of homemade meal is 1) Easy to make, 2) Yummy to eat and 3) Can be eaten multiple times.

Enchiladas are my go-to Sunday night recipie because I can literally eat it all week. If I make one pan I can eat about 3 dinners and 2 lunches from it (I usually get pretty sick of it by the end).

I favor veggie options because it makes the prep easier (no shredding of the chicken). My secret is this amazing mole sauce (buy it at Whole Foods).

Here is the recipie of what I made this week. 

First I took corn and boiled it. Then I quickly put it in a pan and seared it adding a little, smoky flavor. I also cooked a plantain to add some flavor variety.

Then turn your oven to 375 degrees. In a large rectangular pan pour half a can of red enchilada sauce to line the bottom of the pan. Take a packet of corn tortillas and in each tortilla layer mole sauce with a handful of corn, cooked plantains, goat cheese and spinach. 

Roll up and place end facing down in the pan. Line up 6 lengthwise and two above.

Once you have lined up all of the enchiladas pour the remaining sauce over the pan. Layer on top of everything, one packet of mexican cheese blend.

Bake covered in foil for 45 minutes until heated through. Remove foil at 45 minutes, turn on broil until cheese bubbles and browns. 

Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and enjoy. I think it even tastes better the next day!


Sunday Flea Market Finds

It has been a few months since a flea market post. I really hit the jackpot this time. Love what I found!

Bench for my closet ($30)...

I got this bird cage($20)and received so many compliments while carrying it around. I bought a few airplants to add some life to it. 

I love crowns, that is no surprise. Today I got two fab things with crowns on them. This plate ($13) commemorates the crowning of King George VI and the jar ($15) is from 1922. 

Love my new collection. ;-) Bonus, everything was under $30!


Inspired Fashion Icon: Olivia Palermo

While Olivia came off as icy on The City, I really admire her style. Her look is exactly up my alley. In fact, I probably could put together very similar outfits from my closet. I love how everything she wears is simple but clearly very well made and invested in. She doesn't introduce pattern often but favors stand out accessories especially jewelry.

Here's a look at some of my favorite outfits...

If I was to put together a shopping list... here is what I would buy:

J.Crew Jacket, blouse, Shoe, Sunglasses, Purse, stripped shirt, Blouse

Summer Country Wedding

Weddings come in all forms. It is ultimately up to the bride and groom how it all comes together. It is their special day after all! One of my friend's friends reached out to me to create a mood board for her summer wedding. 

The entire pinboard is on this link but here is a sampling of the pictures below. The key was to keep it relaxed, slightly country and sunny. I especially love the little, personal touches that keep it special. 

all links featured on the pinterest page


Inspired Baker: Easy Peach Tart

In the summer, there is so much fruit everywhere. I always buy too much and it begins to get a little too ripe. 

Last week, I took some pastry dough that I had bought at trader joes and peeled a few peaches I had on hand. It made a delicious, simple and relatively healthy tart. I am sure this recipe can be duplicated with any kind of fruit. In fact, tonight, I think I'll try this with apricots.

Here are a few pics of my tart...

Perhaps this time I will add some pistachios like my favorite French tart. 


Tomato Time?

I will admit I am a little intimidated when it comes to risky fashion trends. When skinny jeans first came out I was skeptical and even more so when people started tucking them into their boots. Now I can't imagine my closet without either of those two things. 

I have a feeling this trend will be the same way. Tomato red has been popping up for the last couple months. Not in a little way like on fingernails but in a BIG way, like pants. Well, I for one am ready for this trend. I have these lovely ladies as inspiration...


The Satorialist, J.Crew, Google Images

Here are my favorite (and more importantly, wearable) tomato red pieces. 

I tried this on and it is so comfortable. Love it. ($98)

This is also a cute Anthro option.

J.Crew is all about the tomato red this season. 

Who's with me?