Breathe Deep

Last week was a whirlwind with Halloween parties and movies and dinners. While I love being busy, I do like to take a second to breathe and take it easy.

These things will help you with that relaxation. I just bought the candle last week and LOVE it. Enjoy...and breathe...

Bath, Sweater, Muffins,  Jurlique Lavender Mist,Ren Face Mask, Voluspa Candle, Yogi Tea, Lavender Pillow 


Halloween Candy

Okay, okay I know, lots of jewelry posts recently. I couldn't help but share this with you. FAVOR, my favorite local jewelry store, just sent an email saying they have these rings in store. I love all of these colors and as an added bonus they are affordable ($36-$55). I let you know if I snatch one up. Have a great weekend. 


Judge a Book By Its Cover

In a few short weeks, I will be the lucky owner of a new iPhone4s! Yay. These days it seems like there are SO many phone covers out there it is hard to sort through them. The question is...are there so many cute ones I need two?!

Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, Jessica Swift, Clairebella, Griffin, Nordstrom   


Give Me a Rock

Ever since I saw this post on City Sage, I can't stop thinking about Sara Swell jewelry. I am especially smitten with these pieces...

Wow...I'm blown away

Sunday Night Meal: Quinoa and Kale Greek Salad

As I mentioned yesterday it was HOT in the city this weekend and I wanted something refreshing to eat on Sunday night. I also wanted a healthy meal to cleanse away the weekends slip-ups. I came up with this very healthy meal and it turned out delicious. 



Juice from 1 lemon
1 Small Container of Plain Greek Yogurt (I used 0%)
1 Bunch of dill
2-3 Cloves of garlic
Olive oil
Cracked pepper and salt 

1 Cup of uncooked Quinoa 
Shredded Kale
1 Cucumber 
1 Cup sun-dried tomatoes
1/2 Cup of feta 

Put quinoa on the stove and cook according to directions. 

While quinoa is cooking, finely chop garlic. In a frying pan splash some olive oil and roast the garlic. 

In a small bowl combine all dressing ingredients. As for the dill, add as much or little as you would like.

Chop cucumber and sun-dried tomatoes. 

Cool down quinoa (I stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes) 

In a bowl layer a handful of shredded Kale with a cup of quinoa. Top with chopped cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes and feta. Scoop a hearty spoonful of dressing. 

If you want you can toss everything together...yum. Enjoy!


Magical Heat

Had some minor computer issues yesterday that prevented me from uploading pictures from my Sunday night dinner but I promise those will be coming soon.

It was a beautiful weekend here in San Francisco. With temperatures topping 80 degrees it was a must to be outside. The whole city had the same idea as me and it was almost as if a spell had been cast across us all. 

Here are a few pics from the weekend...


Morning Treat

Today is one of the first true fall days in San Francisco. The air is a little crisper than usual and it seemed a little darker when I woke up. 

I knew just what would brighten my day a little--a delicious scone from Batter Bakery. I have mentioned these scones before but I thought it was worth another mention for their buttery perfection. (Also, try their Lavender Shortbread Cookies, amazing!)

These pictures look a little sleepy and hazy, just how I'm feeling this morning.

Happy Thursday!

All taken with Hipstamatic on my iPhone


Special Flowers

This week I decided to buy some special flowers to brighten my week. I dont know if I would ever put together this combination and maybe that is why I like it so much. Enjoy


Jewelry Chest

I love my jewelry. I have always loved it since I was little. I have been building up quite a collection and wanted to share a few special pieces with you. Its not that these are expensive but I love to wear them and they have sentimental value to me. 

I bought this necklace for my 21st birthday and I still wear it. I like the combination of metals. There is a similar one here

 This is the jewelry that I wear everyday. I got this watch for my graduation, the ring was from my birthday last year and I got the bracelet for my birthday this year. I love how they all go together.

I've been collecting vintage lockets for awhile. I love all three of these and have been wearing them interchangeably.

I bought this a few months ago at a vintage store and love its unique shape and pretty green color.

Those of you have been following for awhile know that I love peacock feathers. These anthropologie earrings remind me of their bright feathers.

I love J.Crew, its no secret. This bracelet that I bought is unexpectedly an everyday purchase. They are still selling something similar here.  

These earrings aren't anything but simple pearls but I couldn't show you my jewelry without them. I wear them most days and wouldn't have it any other way! Shop here.  

I bought this ring when I got a promotion a year ago. It is my favorite stone (Chalcedony)and it is from an amazing store out of Spain.
As you can see, I like rewarding myself with jewelry...I bought this ring when I got my first raise. I love the vintage 20s look of it and the iridescent moonstone. Its from this local store.

I got this ring while I was in Greece with my family. The color reminds me of the water in Santorini.

 Lastly, my sister gave me this bracelet from Madewell. I like to wear it casually with a t-shirt. The black metal keeps it modern and a little moody. 

Thanks for taking a little trip through memory lane with me! What's your favorite piece of jewelry?


Sunday Night Dinner

Okay so I will admit, I had a Sunday night dinner planned but it didn't go as planned (I'm sure it happens to Martha Stewart too) Instead of sharing a not-so-good recipe, I thought that I would share this amazing recipe from one of my favorite cooking blogs Spoon Fork Bacon. It combines the amazing flavors of fall. I want to try it out soon!

Here is the recipe.


A Proper Halloween

We all know that Halloween is right around the corner. Every year about a month ahead I know what I'm going to be. I've always been some sort of classy lady (depends on how you interpret "classy") I've been a dancer from Moulin Rouge, a Mad Men secretary and Snookie (ok maybe not classy). 

This year I am being the classiest of them all...Kate Middleton. 

This outfit is a no-brainer. It is cute and easy to put together. I am so excited! 

Here is the look:

Dress, fascinator, ring 


Fall TV Watch

A month after the pilot episodes, I feel like I can make a fair decision about the new crop of fall shows. The good news is that this fall is chock full of leading ladies who are smart and funny. Here are my picks...

New Girl (FOX)

Great show. Love Zoey--she shows that dorky can be cool and hilarious. I'm happy that there is a show that shows us girls to embrace who we are.

Hart of Dixie (CW)

While this show may be a little fluffy and silly sometimes, it is a refreshing new take on the doctor show. It's also nice to see Rachel Bilson back on TV. Plus she has an awesome wardrobe.

Up All Night (NBC)

What's not to love about Christina Applegate (I was such a fan of Samantha Who?) Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett. So funny. 

Pan Am (ABC)

This is my guilty pleasure. It is as fluffy as cotton candy but equally as fun. Jet setting, retro costumes and soap-opera-like storylines--perfect!