Perfect Present

Although December 1st has yet to come, I am furiously creating my Christmas shopping list because I will only be in SF for two weeks before I leave for a work trip to LA and then a family holiday trip to Belize the week after. 

I saw these necklaces at Anthro while I was there this past weekend. I think that they will make the perfect present for anyone! 

You can personalize them no matter who the recipient is (and they can add to them if they like!)

Classic Combination

Rocker Edge


What are your favorites? Find them here


Social Butterfly

The next step of expanding my blog has been to add a social media element in the form of Twitter and Facebook. My dear techie sister has stepped in as my Social Media Maven to help me with all things Twitter and Facebook. Although I am very familiar with both (I live in the land of these technonogies), it is nice to have another helping hand.  

For my Twitter feed I want to bring you up to the minute posts about cute things I see all around me. From my dinner at a new restaurant or the adorable jewelry I scope out at a little boutique--you will be able to find it all here. Follow me @livehappyblog 

Facebook will be another outlet to get up-to-the minute updates from live.happy.inspired. Please visit here to "like" our site! Several of you have been asking for this so now here's your chance. 

Hopefully these two things will be nice additions to your social media feed. As always I welcome your feedback. 

Thanks for being loyal followers and spreading the word!



Give Thanks

This weekend, I spent four lovely (rainy) days in Seattle with my family for Thanksgiving. This year we hosted it at my parents house. Our big group of 23 people filled the house with laughter and warmth. It was so nice to see people that we seldom get to catch up with. 

We decorated fairly traditionally with silver plates, acorns, yellow sunflowers, colorful glass candles and rolled silverware. 


Of course, besides the company, the best part of Thanksgiving is the delicious meal. We had turkey with all of the trimmings. Our menu was:

Smoked Salmon and Pesto Cream Cheese Dip
An easy but crowd pleasing appetizer

Fresh Lemony Hummus
My cousin made this yummy chunky-style hummus. 

Apple Waldorf Salad 
My mom's go-to holiday salad, garnished with pomegranate seeds

My aunts recipe that is delicious and orangey.

Gorgonzola and Breadcrumb Broccoli
What makes broccoli taste delicious? Cheese and breadcrumbs. The dish barely had the blue cheese taste and it was one of my favorites!

Brussels sprout and Cabbage Salad 
This was a new take on the traditional brussels sprout side dish. It pared nicely with the other vegetable dishes. 

Homemade pies (apple, pumpkin and apple cider cream pie)
All were delicious. I tried a sampling of all three. We also had the Frans salted caramels that I mentioned last week.

 Lastly, the second best part of Thanksgiving are the turkey sandwiches the day after. Yum.

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. 

Now we are into Christmas. Holiday posts are my favorite! I have some great ones for you!


Stock the Cupboards: Hostess Gift Edition

As I mentioned before, it is helpful during the busy holiday season to have a few things on hand in the event of a spontaneous party at your house or someone else's. Last time we discussed easy appetizers to throw together if someone shows up at your house...well today its about if someone invites you to their house at the last minute. 

Just store these things in the event of needing to pull together a last minute hostess gift. Worst case, after the holidays, you return them or keep it for yourself! 

Knives, Serving Spoons, Chocolates, Small Latte Bowls, Peppermint Bark


Frock searching...

While on Anthropologie site this weekend, I came upon their winter event dresses and am still drooling over them. I had to share my favorites with you. You can't beat the uniqueness of their designs. 

Taylor Swift recently wore this number...

Love the detail on this one...

This one is very unique and for some reason reminds me of something Florence Welch from Florence and the machine would wear...

Modern yet mod, love the way they handled the bow...

This is the kind of dress you will be wearing for years to come. It it simple and I bet very flattering. 

Another red dress, but one that I imagine will illicit more than one jaw drop (and make your waist look teeny-tiny). 

A girl can dream right?

Gold dress, black dress, dress with leaves, golden dress with bow, red dress, halter red dress

Sunday Night Meal: Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi

This weekend we had our first "fall/winter weather" which in San Francisco consists of a few sprinkles of rain, gloomy skies and blustery winds. One of my friends recommended this recipe and I immediately thought that it would be perfect for my Sunday night meal. 

I had previously thought that making gnocchi involved hours of rolling and waiting and shaping only to eat your meal in 20 minutes. This recipe is one of those that us mere mortals can tackle.  

It is surprisingly easy and yields the most delicious little nuggets of wintry perfection. The full recipe is here. They personally weren't sweet enough for me to have a strong contrast. Next time I might use butternut squash or yam puree. 

Side note: The recipe is from gojee an amazing online resource for delicious recipes. I signed up for free and can't wait to try more of their recipes. Yum!


Holiday Kisses

This holiday season you will no doubt be running around from party to party with little time to change and re-do your make-up. I would like to introduce you to three little wonders which will get you through this party season looking like you primped for hours. 

Meet the three fresh lip tints. They feel like lip balm but they have an amazing color that you can apply without a mirror and layer on until you reach the perfect shade. 

This little kit is only $28 for all three. Just stick them in your purse and choose your occasion.

Passion (red)
Perfect for: When you are feeling classic, date night, cocktail parties

Honey (Neutral)
Perfect for: Work, brunch

Plum (Dark Raspberry)
Perfect for: Christmas parties, holiday concerts


Team Edward

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a Twilight fan. 

I don't know what it is but I was drawn in by all of the books and can't stop watching the movies (even though I know how bad they are!). 

In honor of the midnight showing (which I am going to tonight, bottle of wine in hand), I thought I would put together a mood board of blood-red products.

Team Edward!

lipgloss, soap, bracelet, nail polish, ring, shoes      


Happy One Year

I almost forgot to sneak this post in here. Its live.happy.inspired's one year anniversary! I can't believe one year ago I began this amazing journey. Thank you all for being loyal followers, for passing along to friends and for commenting on all my posts. I can't wait to see what wonderful things the next year brings. 

For my imaginary party I would like to celebrate coco+kelly style by throwing a kate-spadesque dinner.

And perhaps have a slice of this...

Thank you all! 

Thanksgiving Feast

Last week I attended one of the best Thanksgiving potlucks ever. Yes, that is a big statement and yes, it is true. The feast that everyone prepared was so good it was worth a blog post. 

With Thanksgiving coming up these recipes might help you get inspired (sorry I don't have all of them)!

Orange-Cranberry Sauce
Stuffed Butternut Squash Dip
Roast Turkey