Im Outta Here

Ladies and Gentlemen I am off to Belize. I have made it through a very hectic and short holiday season (wasn't Thanksgiving like last week?) I can't wait to grab a drink, swim until my fingers are pruney and not even think about email once. We are staying at Francis Ford Coppola's amazing hotels and I just had to create a jungle and a beach mood board for each. 

I wish you the best remainder of the holiday season. 2011 was a really good year...I can't wait to see what 2012 brings. Thank you as always for being such amazing, loyal followers. See you in the new year...

Bathing suit, cover-up, watch, shoes, necklace

Bathing suit, wrap, bracelet, shoes, earrings


One and Only List

A lot of blogs do a whole bunch of wish lists, this year I decided to do one big, really good wish list. Enjoy!

My top gifts for the holidays!


Holiday Dazzle

All I want for Christmas is this amazingly sparkly bag from Kate Spade. How can you not smile?

In the Land of Holly

Ok so the title is a wee bit cheesy but I couldn't resist. I am in LA this week/weekend for business, staying in a fab hotel (The London) in West Hollywood. I thought that it would be the perfect chance to re-visit one of my favorite decor styles--Hollywood regency. 

The lovely Julie over at Chapman Interiors blog summarized the style as being comprised of the following elements:

* Mixing styles/decades is a must
* Something influenced by our eastern friends.
* Graphic pattern.
* A black and white element.
* Brass/gold.
* At least one chrome thing.
* Bold color
* Punchy wall paper.
* Opulent light fixtures & oversize chandeliers.
* Details in vignettes.

My favorite parts? The brass and the black and white. I love shiny things what can I say?

How amazing is this black and white room? Bold, yes. Amazing, yes. 

Add in a little color (how amazing are those chairs?!)...

This space looks so cozy and inviting...

Wow, this is not a room that is very copy-able but I seriously love it. Again with the black and white...

And a few pics from the London where I am staying (not taken by me)...

Black and White Room, Yellow Room, Brown Room, Tiled Room, London Pic 1 and 2, Pic 3 


Take a Card

Whenever I meet someone new the conversation always comes around to the blog. People always ask me for the site and I usually mumble the name (I'm not one for boasting) I figure they probably don't end up remembering it the next day staring at a blank Google homepage. 

Sooo...I decided to order business cards. I love the wonderful designs on Etsy and it feels good to support a small-business person at the same time. I selected my cards from Almost Sunday. I love her style, colorful and cheery!

Here are some of my favorites...

Here are my lovely cards...I can't wait to hand them out!

Friend Almost Sunday on their Facebook page too!

Holiday Hectic-ness

As I mentioned previously, I have sort of a crazy December planned. With a ramp-up at work and two trips (one work, one vacation) I am trying to just keep my head above water. 

It's a shame too because I love the holidays for blogging--there are so many things to share! I will do my best to post things here and there over the next two weeks. Thanks for sticking with me!  

Happy holidays!


from OhJoy!


Christmas Flowers

Since I will only be home for two weeks in December, I decided that I would buy a very pretty arrangement in place of a Christmas tree. These are so pretty (and I added a little of the sparkle leftover from wrapping my presents) I dont even miss my tree. 


Santa Came Early

I have a sort of crazy December planned so I wanted to get a head start on the Christmas season. I picked up ALL of my Christmas presents on Saturday and wrapped on Sunday. 

I'm calling my look this year woodsy-glam. Faux-bois paper with glittery ribbon wrapped in a simple way around the present and pillow boxes for the jewelry. Also little mittens as cards. Love it. Shout out to Paper Source where I got everything.  

Add peppermint tea and yummy kettle corn to add to the  holiday spirit. 

The finished product. 


To: Me, From: Me

It's hard to not buy presents for yourself when you are shopping for others (at least I have a hard time). 

I sort of bought some things this weekend while I was out. First was the book "Plenty" which I have been eying for awhile. The dishes look so yummy. I have a feeling that these recipes will be showing up in my Sunday night meals. 

I bought this necklace at the flea market. It is a vintage pocket watch clock (you can even see the gears working). I can tell I will be wearing it often. 

This was kind of a random but I sort of love it. It is a vintage microphone. I put it on my coffee table but I could see it living on my desk or in the future on a bookshelf.

Lastly, I bought myself a new Apple MacBook Air. My old Mac had seen better days and it was time to upgrade. I love my new computer (using it right now in fact) and want to take it with me everywhere. Best Christmas present ever. I'm so grateful for it.  

What present are you giving yourself this year?

Sunday Night Meal: Matzo Ball Soup with Chicken and Veggies

Although it was far from winter weather this weekend, I decided to cook up some warm, cozy soup. Matzo ball soup is very affordable and delicious. 

The package that I bought included both the matzo mix and the soup mix. You could also use chicken broth if you dont buy the package. 

I added some veggies and chicken to make it into a real meal. It is very basic--follow the instructions on the package, cook the chicken on the stove and add whatever is in the fridge/cupboard. Which for me was onions(which i caramelized with honey, balsamic and olive oil), canned whole tomatoes peeled, garlic, spinach and yams. 


Pictures from the Flea Market

I had such a fun time at the flea market this weekend. Live tweeting was so fun! Hopefully you were able to follow it and if not here are the pics!