Luxurious Leather

While working from the hotel these last few days, I have spent countless hours in their cozy den near the main lobby. They have about 6 eclectic vintage couches in the main room. Some of them are these fabulous worn leather sofas that have been styled in such an inviting way. 

It makes me want to take another look at leather couches as a chic alternative, far from the tacky "man" couches that I usually think of. 

Look at the way these leather couches have been styled in a gorgeously luxurious and eclectic way (note the mostly white walls which counter-balance the heaviness of the couch).

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Brass Tacks

Brass is a tricky metal. In the 80s and 90s it got a bad rap for tacky chandeliers and drawer-pulls. But I would like to think of the brass from the turn-of-the-century and mid-century when it was used on luxurious yachts and industrial lamps.

Here are a few favorite brass pieces of inspiration. 

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Lucky Lady

I had an amazing time this weekend in Seattle. I saw a few friends, spent quality time with my mom and pops and even snuck in a little shopping.  

Being the jet-setter I am, I am on a plane to NYC today for work. Not sure if it will be filled with as much fun, and non-work things as the last time I was there, but I'll try to make some time. We are staying at a super beautiful hotel so I'll make sure to share some pictures on twitter. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend. 


Dancing in the Rain

From one shower yesterday to a different kind today.

Tomorrow I'm headed home to Seattle. I haven't been home since Thanksgiving and I can't wait. Seattle lives up to its reputation for raininess but instead of dreading it why not embrace it?

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Perfect Match: Shower Presents

Folks it's spring time (well almost anyways) and you know what that means...showers. No, not rain showers--bridal showers. 

It depends on how close you are to the bride but sometimes it is fun to get them something not on their registry. Not having been a bride myself I am not sure if this is a hassle-inducing or sweet idea but I would like to think the latter. 

I like to give gifts that have more than one piece and belong together so I thought that I would do a round up of my favorite pairs. I tried to keep everything under $75 (some are a little over) because you know the wedding is coming up ;-)

French press and grinder, cheese knives, cheese board, cocktail napkins, silver tray, cookbook, measuring cups   

Not Your Average Plant

House Plant...to me that word conjures up images of dusty, cheesy-looking, straight-from-the store plants. These days house plants are anything but. With the growing popularity of air plants and succulents, it seems the options for low-maintence indoor plants are limitless and oh-so-modern!

Here are a few of inspirational images that will hopefully give you the courage to head to your local nursery and pick a few up. 

I could literally go on all day posting pictures! I love plants!

Hanging Pod, Geometric Vase, Stag wall hangings,  concrete planter, little cement planters, vertical wood planters, hanging wood garden, bird cage


Sunday Night Dinner: Gourmet Pizza

As you know from past entries, some of my Sunday night dinners have been not so successful. But then every once in a while I make something that makes me say "Wow, that is damn good!" 

This prosciutto, goat cheese, pear pizza that I made on Sunday was one of those. It is all of my favorite flavors packed into one. You have the saltiness of the prosciutto,the creamy-ness of the Alfredo and goat cheese and the sweetness of the honey and pears. It is amazing. And the best part is that it is pretty simple. 

Ingredients (this is for 4 mini-pizzas, I just made two):
1 Package of store bought pizza dough (I used whole wheat)
4 Tbs of Alfredo Sauce
1 Pear or 2-4 Figs
About 5-7 Slices of prosciutto
About 1/4 cup of goat cheese (or blue cheese if you aren't into goats)
About 2 Tbs of Honey

Turn the oven to 450 degrees.

Most store bought dough suggests you take it out of the package and let it rest for 20 minutes. Take it out of the wrapping, roll in flour and let it sit. While it's taking a little nap, prepare the toppings. 

Crumble the goat cheese into small pieces. Remove the prosciutto from the packaging and cut off any fat. Slice the pear or fig into very thin, almost transparent slices (this is important so they cook and aren't too watery) 

After the dough has rested cut it into quarters (or if you are making one large pizza keep it as one piece) I prefer to do mini-pizzas because I haven't yet perfected the art of stretching and like to practice on the little pizzas. Then work your dough into a circular shape making sure to use ample amounts of flour so it doesn't stick to your fingers. If you want to get all crazy and throw it in the air maybe this guy can help you. 

Once you have your dough stretched thin. Layer on about a tablespoon of Alfredo sauce to each pizza. Then add another layer of prosciutto. Then add 3-4 slices of pear per mini pizza. Finally add a few crumbles of goat cheese, 2-3 sage leaves and a very fine drizzle of honey. 

Place in the oven for about 20 minutes until the crust is brown and the tips of the goat cheese is golden. 

Let rest for about 5 minutes before cutting and eating. Enjoy!


Quick Fix

Sometime all you need is a little something new to spice things up with your decor (and you don't want to spend a lot) Here are my favorite little things that will change things in a big way. Etsy is a great place to start...

What do you think about these options?

1. New Bright Couch Pillows

2. Beautiful Candle

3. Cute Decorative Tray

4. Brass Sculpture

5. New Artwork


New Beauty

I was in one of my favorite local boutiques Belle Cose and saw this beautiful jewelry from Maral Rapp and handmade in San Francisco. 

She re-engineers deco era metal mesh bags and other vintage items into beautiful modern pieces. I especially love the colored earrings. So pretty!