Today on Honestly WTF they shared these prints by Kari Herer and I had to put them up here. They are so beautiful and simple but still interesting. With these prints on the wall who needs fresh flowers?



I never get the chance to just sit down and read. Most of my "extra" time is dedicated to my blog (like right now) vs reading a book. I actually love reading. When I get into a book, I tear through it. So I will go through periods where I read like a crazy person then dont read for months! 

Well I want to change that. Right now I am reading "Cleopatra" and it is an intriguing read. I love to read books about historical female figures. I am also planning on re-reading parts of the Happiness Project to refresh my memory on a few things I learned. Lastly, my sister gave me the Gilt book to read (signed by the author!) and I am looking forward to diving into that. I am looking for a few more recommendations...

Any other mindless, fun summer reads that I need to take a look at? 


With the warm temperatures creeping up on us (well, not in SF) its time to hydrate yourself. Luckily having a chic water bottle is easy. I just picked one of these bkr bottles up this weekend and I am throughly enjoying it (in Julep). Not only is the design gorgeously simple and iconic (and comes in a rainbow of colors!) but the company also gives back with every purchase. 

Which color would you pick (there are even more colors on their site)?



Okay so I did a nautical post last week too...see you may not know this about me but I used to teach sailing for 6 years when I was growing up in Seattle. I have amazing memories of floating in a motorboat on Lake Washington surrounded by little sailboats. We would jump in the lake when it got hot. I practically lived in my swimsuit and board shorts the whole summer. It was a pretty awesome job. 

So now when summer comes along I have this incredible draw to the water--as if it isn't summer without the sailboats and the lapping waves and the smell of gasoline (its a weird association I know). These images give that sense of contemplation and comfort that being out on the water provides. 

What I wouldn't give to be on a big wooden-decked sailboat cruising around the Mediterranean...for now I will settle for these beautiful pictures.


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I was in DC this weekend for my sister's graduation. For some reason when I am on the East Coast the preppy-ness seeps into my outfit selections. This week has been nothing but pink button-downs and mint v-necks with pearls and heavy gold bracelets. What can I say? I am a prepster at heart.

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I have always been drawn to the water. Perhaps I should have been a Pieces instead of a Leo. The beautiful colors of the tropical waters create such a tranquil color palette of sandy neutrals and bold turquoises. 

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So I was all ready to do a post about finding the most beautifully designed clock out there and it turns out there is only ONE that captured my heart, the Tivoli clock. I am KICKING myself because these beauties were on Joss & Main a month ago and I totally should have snagged one. These stunning, modern radios also have an auxiliary chord for your iPhone so you can plug it in and listen to your music.

I also have a crush on their other beautiful radios too...

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Although I probably won't be owning any of Molly Hatch's pieces of work any time soon, I can admire them from afar. She takes classical artwork from the MET in NYC and the MFA in Boston and reproduces it on a grid of plates. The work is modern but retains the timelessness of the original artwork. How beautiful would it be to have one of these in your dining room against a boldly-painted wall?

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I am one of those people who has to find the perfect present for someone. I search high and low for a present that will express my appreciation and joy for the recipient. A graduation present is a pretty big present to give for this very reason.

While my gift to my sister is not listed below, I was considering several of these options. You want to give them something fun, sentimental and practical--not an easy feat. Hopefully this list will help you find that perfect present.

I want to graduate again just to get one of these!

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Happy Friday! It's a totally different look for live.happy.inspired.

I wanted to make it a bit more modern and reflective of my current design taste. Hopefully this new format will allow the posts to shine!

I am going to continue to play with it over the weekend but I hope you like!

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I love a little color in the kitchen. I stumbled upon this cutting board while I was at Paper Source of all places, picking up a few cards. I knew I had to have it. I will admit cutting on glass isn't my favorite but it will be a perfect prep surface and would make a lovely backdrop for some cheese and bread. 



Now this is the kind of camping I could get used to! Shelter Co. takes care of outlets, s'mores, beauty stations and will even provide a stocked library or a private bathroom. Sounds ultra-glam to me. Their website and pictures are perfection too. 

What do you think? Could you "rough it" like this?

I want to go camping now!



I'm going to go out on a limb and say that polka dots are the new stripes. I love them (see last week's bed post!) in clothing and in the home. They are quirky, sweet and classic. They also play well with others, mix with stripes or florals (just keep them a simple color!) 

What do you think, are polka dots the new stripes?

Now for some shopping...

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Recently, I have been making an effort to cook more meals at home and avoid the draw of restaurants. It not only is healthier but also more cost efficient. It involves more planning and even more follow-through (and when you are working 10+ hrs, that's hard). 

This Sunday evening I decided to try out this recipe from Giada De Laurentiis by way of Iowa Girl Eats blog. The recipe (click the link for the full recipe) was actually pretty simple--you just have to have the patience to assemble each of these little guys. The meal was delicious and satisfying (and I have a stockpile in the freezer now). Come fall I can't wait to make these with yams and goat cheese! 

Here are a few pics from the meal...