Ooooh that  fall weather has rolled in and I can't wait to cozy up. Some of my favorite outfits are ones that look professional but still feel like I'm wearing PJs. The key is to make sure there is something special about the top--a peterpan collar, sparkles, an adorable pup. Oh and dont forget the accessories. Refined jewelry and a pretty scarf are key to looking polished.

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It is a magical combination that combines both sweet and dark.

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I have been eyeing this West Elm rug for month...months! And as if to prove its point, every image that I like has this style. Fear not. I've looked into similar options for a little less expensive. Although it would be a good investment because it is a classic piece.

The original Souk rug from West Elm.

Some other inspiration...

Here are some options low to high...

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Truth be told I haven't been to the Alameda Flea Market in months. I was trying to stay away because I just started to buy useless things that crowded by tiny studio apartment.

So I decided to go again but only to look and dream of the things I would get. I also had a tiny shopping list of things I actually wanted to buy: a magazine rack, a few pieces of costume jewelry and a glass dome. Im not sure this is really a secret but, always go to the flea market with a list. Otherwise its overwhelming and you either a) buy nothing at all or b) buy something totally rediculous that you didnt need.

So here are the things I would dream to buy for me or someone else.

1 / Pair of Black Lacquer Chairs

These are incredible and they were only $150 for the pair!! They had awesome brass accents and shiny black laquer. I think that they would be relatively easy to reupholster. You could even do a fun fabric.

Look how pretty they look here...

2 / Green Velvet Box

I just love how this velvet is worn and the color of it. I would be such a standout in contrast with a modern table.

I love it with something like this...

3 / Wicker Rocking Chair and stool

The wicker is in really good shape and I love that this comes with a stool. Would be lovely on a covered deck or in a nursery. I would probably repaint it because I'm not really a fan of the white distressed paint job on this. 

Something like this peaceful place...

4 / Wheat Table

I have a weakness for gold things, I blame it on my mother and her love of gold-leafed things. This table is pretty, simple and classic. 

I would love to see it in a space like this...

5 / Metal Frame Chair

I of course didnt actually sit in it and test it out. It seems like it could really be something with upholstered arms and a little WD40.

It reminded me of something SFgirbybay posted a few weeks back...

6 / Wicker Bench

This bench has miraculously not been painted which leaves its beautiful original details showing through. Add this to a cold stone entry-way plus some greenery and boom you've got magic. 

Something a little like this..

7 / Glass dome

I actually bought this little guy and here it is at home. I thought it would be fun to put together little vignettes under its pretty glass dome.

Something like this would be right up my alley...

Or this...

8 / Pretty party jewels

Because everyone's gotta have a little sparkle. How modern does that braided on look? The only thing that give it away are the totally 80s lions as a clasp. 

That's all for this time. Hope you felt like you got to come with me to the flea market! Until next month!



Let me ask a really tough question...were sailors the original hipsters?

Take a look at this guy and tell me it isn't true...

This weekend is fleet week in San Francisco and it's bringing out the sailor in me...

Anchors aweigh! 

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These four rooms have just the right mix. They are all tranquil and clean. Which one is your favorite?



I love these designs from Garza Marfa. The colors and the materials are a perfect combination. If you live in San Francisco you can see their work on display at Heath Ceramics in the Mission.

If you cant afford the beautiful pieces above, get the same look...

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I can't keep my eye away from anything rose gold these days. It is such a beautiful warm color with a little touch of girly-ness to it.

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I wanted to do something uniquely fall, something that, as my nana said to me "Brings out my harvesting and storing instincts" Apple picking was just the thing. We are fortunate in the Bay Area to be about an hours drive away from where a lot of our produce and meat is grown. My friend and I rented the sweetest Mini Cooper convertible, baby blue, and drove up north.

Beep, beep that's me. How sweet is that car?!

Okay so we were driving, wind blowing in our hair, tunes cranked up. Then we arrived to a little oasis in the middle of farm country.

And we went to harvesting...

Turns out we picked 15 pounds of apples.

We wandered around some more and met the other folks that lived there.

Then it was time to drive back to the city and over the Golden Gate bridge where it is rare to see the towers so clear and without fog. 

It was a wonderful day. If you are ever feeling cooped up in the city, head to Chileno Valley Ranch and breathe some fresh country air. Now what to do with all of those apples?! 

Thanks Bri for taking pics of the bridge so I could drive ;-)