I always admired those travelers who arrived looking impeccable and rested. I like to think of myself of a pretty experienced traveler--I have been traveling ever since I was born. But I always can't sleep and wake up with a crook in my neck and black circles under my eyes. Here are few things I am packing in my bag to be prepared this time.

1.Magazines - One of my favorite parts of going to the airport is picking up a big armful of magazines.

2. 11in Macbook Air - The perfect lightweight travel companion for browsing the web and watching movies

3. Wisps - These little toothbrushes are perfect for one time use and freshening after a long plane ride.

4. Twistband - Gotta to throw some of these in the bag for a quick updo

5. Happy Socks - These colorful socks will keep your toes warm and stylish

6. Hairbrush - Perfect for after waking up and having static-ey hair

7. Kate Spade Passport Case - Easy to find in your bag

8. Cowl Neck Scarf - This cozy scarf will keep your neck supported and warm during the long flight

9. Eye mask - How cute is this design? Will definitely make you feel like sleeping beauty.

10. Josie Maran Lavender Spray - Refresh your face in the morning with this soothing spray

11. Justin's Almond Maple Butter - I love to carry a few of these packets around so I have a good source of protein with me, it's great with apples or by itself

12. Origins Peace of Mind - This minty formula is supposed to relieve stress and calm your mind, perfect for stressful travel

13. Baggu Bag - I have this bag on my wishlist. I love the color and the size seems very practical!

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For style inspiration I always seem to go back to one person, Olivia Palermo. Her style is so attainable and chic. I love the outfits below--they are perfect for a low-key but polished look. The best part is that I have nearly all of these items, just need to pair them together like she does. These outfits will be perfect in the chilly temps of Paris. Which one is your favorite?

Okay okay, Im sure you get it by now. 
There are so many pictures of her adorable outfits I just couldn't stop.

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Clothes: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 


I can't tell you how excited I am to share this news with you. The lack of posts over the past few weeks have been because of a big transition in my life...I am leaving advertising and moving to the corporate retail world to work at Levi's. I am so excited about the new possibility of this opportunity.

And even more exciting news, I am going to Paris for a week in between my two jobs! This has been something I've been thinking about and planning for awhile but only bought my ticket last week. I am busy prepping for the trip and planning out my itinerary. If you have any good ideas of where to go, please let me know! I would love your suggestions! More Paris posts to come!


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Sorry about the sparse posts this week. I have been transitioning through some exciting things in my personal life (more on that next week) so inspiration week has been cut a little short. 

First up...nature. Nature inspires me every day. Sometimes its incredible what colors and textures come from nature. 

Here is a look at nature from earth, sea and its creatures. 

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Sea: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 
Animals: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8



I hope you all have had a happy week! I thought that we could go into the weekend with a few interesting happiness facts.

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Facts: 1 & 2 , 3 & 45, 6, 78



Think through your day. When are you your happiest? It doesnt have to be a big moment but can be something simple and small. The goal is to be aware of these moments and create more of them.

Here...I'll share a few of mine with you.


Brunch with Friends


Flowers and Plants

Animals (including my fish, Victoria and my cats in Seattle, Hailey and Ellie)

Girls TV show

Beautiful photography (this one is from Rodney Smith)

Antique Jewelry


What things make you happy? I had a lot of fun pulling together this mood board. You should put one together too!

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I'm a day late into HAPPY week but I promise two posts today so you wont be at too much of a loss.

I have to say that out of live, happy and inspired, I was probably the most excited about HAPPY week because I have been doing so much reading and investigating into what happiness is. There are two resources that have been really helpful to me.

Here is a link to the book and the movie.

Many more exciting posts to come!



The last thought of live week is this quote that I found online. I keep thinking about it and it both motives me and makes me feel like there are endless possibilities ahead.

Have a great weekend and get really for HAPPY week next week!



I'm not sure if this 100% fits with "Live" week, it sort of does. Really I just wanted to show you these beautiful spiritual "Pet Rock" necklaces from Field Guide Design. I love how each of the stones are trapped in little gold cages and each stone brings certain healing powers. Hey, I'll take all of the extra help I can get.

Just love their packaging too!



This morning I introduced you to live.happy.inspired month. For the second installment I wanted to explore another part of living...the more literal part of live. I have a fish and several plants around my apartment. I think that incorporating living things into your decor is essential.

Below I have listed some of my favorite living things that range from easy to take care of to a little bit more involved.

A few highlights...

First the plant on the left corner is a fiddle leaf fig tree. I have one of these in my kitchen and I just love the leaves. I discovered that you can buy them at IKEA for only $12.99 which is quite a deal. Just check to make sure your local store has them.

On the right hand side you will see this really cool idea called a click-and-grow planter, it is a battery powered watering system. They have some beautiful flowers as well as herbs.

The two orbs under the flowers are eco-spheres which I have talked about before. They are self-contained eco-systems with little shrimp and algae growing in them. They are literally no maintenance.

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


Some years I am motivated by New Years resolutions and other years I am less enthused about them. This year I thought that I instead of making resolutions I would try to live by the tenants of my blog: to really live, be happy and always be inspired. Fresh off of my vacation I am ready to tackle these goals and over the next three weeks I would like to take you though what each of these words truly mean. Hopefully you will be inspired and a little enlightened. The content is different than what I typically do but I figure that after all of the buying and eating over the holidays it will be a welcome change!

First up, this week's theme is live. To me to live means to be alive, to really be living rather than just going through the motions.

The most important part of this to me to to not be passive but active in your life. It is easier to just let the days go by and blend together but you will get more out of life if you are trying new things and doing things that scare you. 

Today I wanted to pull together a fun collection of videos and books that show other people being alive and doing, rather than just getting sucked into the everyday. Perhaps some of these situations aren't that realistic but maybe on a small level they will inspire you to switch it up. 

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Hey everyone! Its been awhile since my last post. I have been enjoying some relaxing beach and family time.

I thought, in the spirit of the new year and of renewal, I would share some of my favorite beauty products with you. I dont have a big routine. Just focus on beautiful skin and shiny hair along with some beauty basics. Do you have any favorites that I might have missed?

1. Josie Maran Argan Oil - This is my favorite all-around product. It is super moisturizing and surprisingly doesn't cause you to break out. I apply every night after washing my face. You can also use the extra oil on your hair, lips or as a cuticle moisturizer. Its a great travel companion too!

2. Sugar Lip Treatment in Plum - This is a ultra-mosturizing balm with a hint of vampy plum. I keep it in my purse because you can either layer it on sheer for work then a little more for happy hour after! As a bonus it has SPF 15.

3. Diptyque Solid Perfume in Do Son - I received this solid scent as a gift this Christmas and I cant stop applying the florally, clean perfume. It came with me to Hawaii and fit in well there. I love that it is comes in an ultra-chic metal black case.

4. Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode - A good hairspray is something that one searches endlessly for.  I always look for something that holds but itsnt sticky or cruchy. This spray combs out easily the next day and provides a very natural-looking style.

5. Dior Show Mascara - When I first tried Dior mascara I scoffed, "designer mascara?" I said. Countless tubes of the mascara later, I am convinced. I always do my lashes even if I am just running errands and this mascara gives me huge, full lashes.

6. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder - I just recently started wearing bronzer. I guess I was scared of looking like Snooki or an Ooompa loompa. You just cant beat the fresh look of bronzer. It also helps contour the face and highlight your cheekbones. This bronzer is my favorite because of the natural, just-got-back-from-vacation look.

7. Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer - This drugstore find really makes my skin smooth, blotch-free and moisturized during the day. It also comes in SPF 30 or 15.

8. T3 Flatiron - I relax my hair and this flatiron makes my hair so smooth and silky. I also use it as a curling iron to create natural-looking waves.

9. Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco - Because I straighten my hair so often, I need to make sure it is moisturized and doesn't break off. This deliciously tropical-smelling masque hydrates and makes my hair so shiny. When I go on vacation I bring this to the pool with me and comb through my wet hair to repair the ocean and pool damage.

10. Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Undereye concealer - I have semi-given up the battle with my genetically dark undereye circles but this product helps to diminish them as much as possible. It is waterproof which helps it stay a longer than most other undereye concealers I have tried.

11. Lorac Eyeshaddow Trio in Starlet - I just love this combination of purples. I use the darkest color to create a beautiful smokey-eye and I use the white-silver to highlight the inner eye. The medium purple is perfect for a toned down smokey eye.

12. Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner - I am still getting the hang of liquid eyeliner but I really love this one. Its color is inky and perfect for a sexy cat eye.

13. Essie in MinimalistLollipop and Smokin' Hot- These three shades are my go-to colors. Minimalist has been discontinued by Essie but I stocked up and it looks like there are still a few sites that carry it. It is a milky pale pink with the very faintest hint of purple, it looks like natural, only better. Lollipop is an orangey-red that is very versatile. Its a good transition color in between seasons. Smokin' Hot is the perfect trendy dark gray. I wear it when I am in the mood for a little something less traditional.