I have documented my love of Amy Merrick's beautiful floral arrangements and photography on the blog before. Her latest shoot with Parker Fitzgerald for Kinfolk magazine is absolutely stunning and inspiring. I had to share.

I love how soft the photos are. Here are some ideas for bringing this pretty floral feel into your life...

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This weekend I cleaned. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Literally the whole weekend. It was exhausting but I feel so much better. Sometimes the clutter really weighs you down and you dont realize until you have taken 10 trips to the garbage and 2 trips to the Goodwill that you have so much stuff. Too much really. So now, I am going for simple. Simple and organized. Here is some spring cleaning inspiration for you...

Note: I realize that this is taking a totally contradictory approach than my last post, but a girl is allowed to change her mind, right?

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Ever since I got a queen mattress upgrade about a month ago, I have been deciding what to do about my new bed area. I like the basics that I have but would like to add a little bit of personality. My recent trip to Paris has me craving something more traditional and calm, on a backdrop of white to make it more modern. Here are my inspirations...

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This is the final round of Paris pictures and boy are they good ones. These pictures are from the largest and perhaps most well known chateau in all of Europe,Versailles. A word to the wise, dont go shopping after going to Versailles, nothing will seem gold or sparkly enough;-)




I hope you are enjoying the pictures from Paris. Below are pics from a walk through the magical neighborhood of St. Germain, Les Invalides, Napoleon's tomb, and finally, a sneak inside the hotel I stayed at, des Grands Hommes. I love this little boutique hotel. Each of the rooms are decorated so beautifully with fabric on the walls and antique details. It also is in a fantastic location in the young, vibrant Latin Quarter and close by to all of the sites.